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CIAN Advisory Network

 The Civil Incident Advisory Network or CIAN is the first interactive general emergency, traffic, weather and alerts notification network in the country.  Designed for the civil community CIAN users can monitor, inquire and even

share traffic and emergency incident information in real time with UCESA dispatchers, and the rest of the CIAN community.  Members can customized their alerts based on incident type (power outages, traffic accidents, road closures, etc.) and method of alert such as SMS text or email.  CIAN brings the people and technologies together to keep members informed about their environment.

TalkLink Transitt Radio over IP application 

 One of the future enhancements to the CIAN radio network is TalkLink Transitt.  Transitt provides users with the ability to use the CIAN radio network with a desktop, laptop, tablet computer or Android mobile device.  Extremely beneficial to CIAN users that are out of radio range , without a radio or away from the coverage area on vacation. 

  • Road closures
  • Weather and storms
  • Disable motor vehicles
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Power outages & status'
  • Vehicle and structure fires
  • General emergency incidents
These are some of the incidents tracked and reported over the CIAN network.  More information to follow.

CIAN Advisory Network services are in development and not yet available

Radio Network Status