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 Civil Incident Advisory Network (CIAN)


The Civil Incident Advisory Network is an interactive traffic, weather, emergency condition and general notification system providing live emergency incident, traffic information and alerts to users.   CIAN users can monitor, inquire and even share traffic and emergency incident information with UCESA dispatchers, other users and commuters. 

Learn more about the Civil Incident Advisory Network.


Community Konnex of Rhode Island

(pronounced "connects")

The Rhode Island Community Konnex  program offers residents, groups and organizations an interactive communications platform during high and medium priority situations.    Members can customized their alerts/notifications received on mobile devices and personal computers, based on incident types and location(s) via SMS text and/or email.  Often in an emergency mainstream communications will not be available so we offer residents portable two-way radios to communicate to our local plat leader as well as your neighbors and community.  A great asset to check up on a fellow neighbor, family or learn the effected area or restoration time of a power outage or any other state, city or town emergency.


Communication Services

Radio has proven to be the most efficient and reliable method of communicating in emergency situations, especially when mainstream forms of communications are down.  Generally overlooked by many, communications is an important part of everyday life but vital in time of emergency.  Obtaining assistance when immediate personal safety or property are at risk or when crucial resources such as  food, water and housing are threatened, communications makes all the difference.  UCESA has developed several radio systems to facilitate these critical needs.  Learn more about the UCESA radio services on our Communications page.

Emergency Scene & Support Services
The "E3S" services make up the core of the United Civil Emergency Services Agency.  The services offered  provides assistance to emergency services personnel during long term incidents and to ease the suffering and hardships of the victims of an unfortunate emergencies that occur each year.  UCESA also provides communication support for local events to better coordinate operations of these public or private events.
  • Rehabilitation services for emergency scene personal providing  food, drinks and climate controlled shelters during an emergency incident.
  • Communications support for coordination of private /  public events and fundraisers  such as road races, seasonal outdoor events  ( fairs, carnivals, air shows, etc.) and the like.
  • Communications support for interoperability between agencies
  • Public preparedness training in disasters/emergencies]

E3S services are in development and not yet available

Canine Therapy Services
More than one million people benefit each year from the visit of a therapy animal team.  Active programs in thousands of facilities across the county make  a significant impact on so many people.   It is for this reason why UCESA offers therapy canine teams for health care facilities such as hospitals, assisted living, nursing homes, rehabilitation, physical therapy centers and institutions including schools, colleges, libraries and many more.  Our canine therapy teams are trained and certified to offer a great experience to all of those participating in our programs.   If you or your facility currently participate in a Animal Assisted Activities or Animal Assisted Therapy programs or if you would like to begin such a program please contact us for more information.

Please contact us for more information or inquiries.