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Below is the status of each of node/zone that make up the UCESA RIPEG radio communication network.  The status of each system may change from time to time due to circumstances beyond our control. Members will receive a notification of any condition in which a RIPEG infrastructure node/zone will be down due to technical issues, weather related problems, etc.  The method to which a member will be notified depends on the level of membership of the user.  These may include SMS/Text, Email, Zello, and/or radio  The reason for down radio infrastructure may be weather related such as a lightning strike, snow or similar conditions. Other reasons may be system upgrades, equipment failure or maintenance.

Network Status Description

  • Active Network: Indicates the node/zone is operating as part of the network.
  • Active local: Indicates the node/zone is not connected to the network, operating in localized mode only.
  • Pending: Indicates a system is either not fully installed or the site(s) haven't yet been established at this time
  • Inactive: Indicates an existing system has been deactivation for one reason or another.