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The Rhode Island CIAN program utilizes the RIPEG radio network for reliable communications.  The incident management and notification tasks is the responsibility 
of our Incident Management & Alerts System (IMAS).  IMAS tracks, organizes and notifies users within the service area while offering the CIAN member full control over the incident type, areas of interest and method of notification (text, email, radio, etc.) by nothing more than logging into your IMAS account.   "Members" can adjust alerts by incident type and method the notification is sent out; either by SMS Text or by email address.  Each time an incident is dispatched that matches the criteria set by the Member, they will receive an alert and follow up information as progress is made in resolving the incident. 


 The IMAS  approach is unique in computer aided dispatch systems in that if offers two distinct user groups. 

  • General membership known as "Members"
  • Personnel membership which consist of Trainees, Responders, Dispatchers and Administrators
  • These two distinct groups allow IMAS to be the first Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) software to be used by both the organization's personnel and CIAN subscribers of the community.

A "Members" account permits those outside the UCESA organization (such as CIAN community members) to obtain the same professional method of incident and alerts management as UCESA personnel.  A very power and useful tool to keep you and your family updated on local emergencies, road closures, power outage status' or any other situation that will impact the lifes of it's members.

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More information on the IMAS system can offered HERE.