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GeMcom News

May 4 2020

GeMcom Providence gets a major upgrade.

Thanks to our new members of the Rhode Island GeMcom civil radio system the Providence Metro node receives two major upgrades.

  • Upgrade one is a replacement antenna second to none.  The new commercial grade 8 bay, 16 element folded dipole array increases coverage by about 20 percent while offering much better reception and noise free operation.  Tests confirm with a 40 watt mobile coverage out to the Taunton/Norton line in MA.  Portable radio overage so far is into Cumberland RI.  This high performance antenna features a 9.5 dB gain which replaced a 15 year old fiberglass 5db gain model.  
  • The second upgrade was to the repeater itself.  The conventional repeater has been replaced with a US Preparatory MSX-100 Storford (store & forward) repeater system.  This type of repeater is much less expensive than the conventional repeater it replaces but also offers far more features for the money. One of feature is users will hear themselves on the system confirming that each messages gets through loud and clear.  Also this special repeater offers multiple zones throughout the state for more reliable coverage. Multiple zones means users can receive and transmit to and from the nearest node rather than all the way back to the Providence repeater.  

GeMcom Antenna and Repeater Upgrades