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General Mobile Radio Community (GeMcom) Network

GeMcom is a non-professional radio system shared among its membership (licensed users and their families) to provide a communications alternative to mainstream (cell phone, landline phone) methods.  The GeMcom system is not officially monitored and should not be considered an alternative to 911 emergency services only to offer a secondary means of communicating to other authorized users.   Proper etiquette and courtesies are required.  Proceeds go towards the improvement and expansion of UESA's services.   See the GeMcom News for information pertaining to the GeMcom system.

TalkLink Transitt Radio over IP application 

 The multi channel TalkLink Transitt system offers a community place to talk with other members, ask questions and learn more about the GeMcom system .  Soon Transitt will provide users with the ability to use the GeMcom radio network with a desktop, laptop, tablet computer or Android mobile device.  Extremely beneficial to GeMcom users that are out of radio range , without a radio or away from the coverage area.


  • Requires a valid FCC General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) radio license prior to 
  • GMRS license requires no special knowledge or exam to obtain
  • All radio equipment must be authorized by UCESA prior to use on the system
  • Users are required to follow GMRS FCC rules and monitor the channel prior to transmitting
  • System coverage area is based on a 20 watt mobile (vehicle mounted) radio with external antenna system
  • The pro-rated annual subscription of $83 ($6.92 per month) for a single user or $124 ($10.34 per month) for two or more users is from January 1st to December 31st .
  • Existing subscriber's annual fee is waived for 1 year with 3 referrals (within the current year) that become active subscribers.
Example of the pro-rated subscription:
The normal annual subscriber fee for a single user is $83.  A subscription started in the month of May would be $55.32 ($83 -$27.68)
Subscriptions will be initially billed at the full amount then you will be refunded the difference based on pro-rating term through your PayPal account.

GeMcom user subscription options

After payment has been submitted click RETURN TO MERCHANT link be directed to the GeMcom application form.


The GeMcom systems use Preparatory Emergency Groups (PEG) radio system technology.  This type of a system works very differently than conventional radio systems while being must less expensive and technical to install and maintain.  PEG systems are used for many purposes including personal safety, preparedness, local incident and alert services, emergencies and other related  communication needs.  See the PEG introduction video below for more information.