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The CIAN program has been developed with multiple levels of membership from email and/or text notifications to the most reliable and robust source of communications, the UCESA RIPEG radio network.

Here are just some of the incidents the CIAN program tracks.
  • Water Breaks / Restoration ETA
  • Drinking Water Issue / Source for Emergency supply
  • Unusual Road Closures / Reason / ETA for Opening
  • Special traffic and road conditions
  • Power Outage / ETA for restoration
  • Gas Station Closures / Reason / ETA for Reopening
  • Supermarket Closures / Reason / ETA for Reopening
  • Snow/weather related situations and conditions
  • Any incident that is likely to affect the civil community

The CIAN program is still in its infancy and therefore being implement in selected areas as we install radio infrastructure and acquire and train Local Control Operators (LCOs).