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Civil Incident Advisory Network (CIAN) Program
The Civil Incident Advisory Network AKA, CIAN (pronounced seye-ann) is an interactive, civil safety and information program for community members offering emergency incident tracking, notifications and communications for safety, protection of life and property and convenience.  
For the highest, most reliable form of communication the CIAN program utilizes the RIPEG civil emergency radio network to provide an independent, self maintained communications alternative to mainstream (cell phone, landline phone, Internet based communication) methods.  Each radio site is hardened for reliability, not requiring any outside communication services such as Internet, cellular and in some cases not even power to operate making the RIPEG radio network one of the most reliable sources of communications for the civil community.  Exactly what is needed in any emergency or crisis.  This interactive program provides vital information gathered by our professional, reliable and consistent sources and made available to its members in several formats depending on level of membership

The CIAN Local Control Operators (LCOs) are monitoring our information sources 24 hours a day including incidents such as crime, fire, traffic, power outages, road closures, weather or any incident that may impact or present an immediate danger or safety risk to the community or individual watch groups.  Keeping community members informed by providing greater situational awareness to the community. This is intended to keep active neighborhood watch groups and members informed - in real time, without having to follow social media .  


UCESA employs a custom computer aided dispatch system called the Incident Management & Alerts System (IMAS) to track, organize and notify members of incidents that may pertain to members.  The IMAS system along with the RIPEG radio network keeps the community connected in communications between local and state government and all others using the system while supporting other groups and organization such as active neighborhood watch awareness and safety programs.  Only relevant emergency incidents are tracked and notifications sent to members and responders by use of the IMAS.  IMAS allows us to keep community members informed of local events, emergencies, general safety, preparedness communications and similar situations by means of SMS Text, email alerts and, the most reliable and robust - two-way radio. 

The CIAN program has developed with multiple levels of membership from email and/or text based notifications to the most reliable and robust source of communications, the UCESA RIPEG radio network.
Here are just some of the incidents the CIAN program tracks.
  • Water Breaks / Restoration ETA
  • Drinking Water Issue / Source for Emergency supply
  • Unusual Road Closures / Reason / ETA for Opening
  • Special traffic and road conditions
  • Power Outage / ETA for restoration
  • Gas Station Closures / Reason / ETA for Reopening
  • Supermarket Closures / Reason / ETA for Reopening
  • Snow/weather related situations and conditions
  • Any incident that is likely to affect the civil community
 Not a CIAN program member yet?  Sign up HERE.     See the CIAN News page for information pertaining to the CIAN program.

The RIPEG radio network utilizes the Preparatory Emergency Groups (PEG) radio system technology.  This type of a system works very differently than conventional radio systems while being must less expensive and technical to install as well as being far easier to maintain.  PEG systems are used for many purposes including personal safety, preparedness, local incident and alert services, emergencies and other related  communication needs.  See the PEG introduction video below for more information.