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United Civil Emergency Services Agency

Thank you for your interest in the United Civil Emergency Services Agency of Rhode Island.  At this time we are recruiting  individuals with a strong desire to help others, able to work in demanding conditions, enjoy being part of the solution to a disaster or emergency situation and have a strong value of self discipline and professionalism than you may be what UCESA is looking for.
Self Assessment

UCESA requires  intelligent, motivated  people with high moral standards and a high level of discipline.  This is required and demanded from each potential candidate.

  • Are you willing to have your personal background thoroughly investigated?
  • When required are you willing to uphold your expected duties and remain available for higher priority incidents, events and training exercises if necessary for little or no pay?
  • Are you willing to abide by the regulations, rules and policies of  the United Civil Emergency Services Agency and adhere to what is expect of you?

The most valued personal traits  for a UCESA applicant is:
  • Compassion
  • Personal pride
  • Self-disciplined
  • Professionalism
  • Good moral character
  • Self-motivating to achieve task(s) at hand

Division 1 "Operations" (consists of one more of the following)

  • Active in all emergency operations
  • General emergency services and support
  • Interaction with other emergency agencies
  • Interaction with the general public
  • Requires division one training requirements
  • Other related services (K9 therapy, Search, etc.)
  • May require additional specialized training
  • May also contain services in other divisions

Division 2 "Services" (consists of one more of the following)

  • Operations support for Division one
  • Local Control Point communications support
  • Event/Incident misc. support tasks and services
  • Emergency Scene Support Services
  • May also contain services in other divisions

Division 3 "Administration" (consists of one more of the following)

  • Non-uniform division
  • Administrative support (accounting, funding, grants, etc.)
  • Board of  Directors/Advisory committee officers
  • Information Technologies support staff (CAD, networking, software, etc.)
  • Public Relations officers
  • Recruiting/Roster/Training
  • May also contain services in other divisions


General Requirements
  • An applicant must be a citizen of the United States.
  • An applicant must possess a valid operator's (driver's) license.
  • An applicant's medical condition must be within the safety standards of  UCESA.
  • An applicant must be a high school graduate, or have obtained a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) issued by a State Department of Education.
  • An applicant must be of the age of twenty one (21) years in order to be considered as a candidate to the UCESA training program.
  • Candidates must live and reside within the state of Rhode Island