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The United Civil Emergency Services Agency is a non-government,  civil public safety and services agency with a mission that's the direct results of needed and necessary services during emergency and non-emergency times.  Our services are a collection of  general safety, emergency preparedness, communications, public well being and assistance put in place to make a difference to the communities we serve.  Currently UCESA is working  with a fiscal sponsor to develop the services and programs receiving IRS 501c3 charitable status  upon completion.

Our History:
Established in February of 2001 (originally named "Ocean State REACT") as a official chartered team of REACT International.   It was the vision of Chief Director Cunha that set this team apart from many other REACT teams in the country.  REACT International doesn't set strict standards in a team's training, dress code, protocols or mission.  Chief Director Cunha felt that discipline and a higher level of professionalism was necessary in order to fulfill the mission  and to be taken seriously by  the private organizations and  government agencies that we offer services to.  
This lead to a re-write of the team's bi-laws, protocols, dress code and training requirements to ensure a higher level of capabilities and to provide a higher, more professional level of services.  The name was then changed from :Ocean State REACT" to "Rhode Island State REACT" in late 2001.   This ultimately paved the way for opportunities to work with many local and state agencies as well as non-profit organizations providing communications and coordination services to traffic and emergency preparedness related.  The original team  was active from February 2001 until March 2006. 

From its beginning RI State REACT set forth to be involved in many different theaters of public service and safety.  Some being not so obvious.  Working with Metro Networks, the areas leading traffic reporting service the team assisted (along with  AAA, CVS Samaritan and aerial units) in reporting traffic and safety incidents  to Metro's dispatch center in Providence which would be relayed to local broadcast radio stations for updating commuters of areas to avoid.
Slowly the agency and its agents grew  and training in other disciplines became available including  our participation with "Tasks Force One",  Rhode Island's Emergency Management Agency's well rounded team in the latter part of 2003.  The Task Force One team consisted of nearly every discipline in emergency response and management.  Some of these disciplines included communications, Emergency Medical Services, Search & Rescue, tracking and navigation and many more.   
Just a few years later UCESA  has formed lasting relationships with many private and local government agencies so much so that we were, to our surprise, invited to participate in the Aquidneck Island annual Police Parade.  This parade is generally for local and state government police agencies however UCESA  (then RI State REACT)  was the only non-government agency to participate is this annual tradition.  We were honored to be called to take part in such a limited and select group of agencies.
After 2006 the team was inactive until  late 2014 when Chief Director Cunha began contacting the remaining command staff to propose the possibly of creating a new organization with a different name (United Civil Emergency Services Agency) but with an expanded set of goals and services.  There are still many hurtles to overcome.   The Chief began organizing the assets of the original team.  Sorting through what we have and what we need.  Contacting many government agency for equipment donations and taking the time re-evaluate the teams missions and goals.   With our new name, reorganized organization and experiences from our recent past to build on the United Civil Emergency Services Agency  will continue to train, evolve and grow.