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Welcome to the online presence of the United Civil Emergency Services Agency

We hope you find the information here informative and helpful.  The United Civil Emergency Service Agency is preparing to be the communication and incident alerts hub for civil related communications within the state.  We provide several communication systems to provide local to wide area radio and voice over IP communications to CERT and REACT teams, neighborhood watch groups and emergency notification alerts to the community members and responders of the Incident Management & Alerts System or the IMAS system.  This computer aided dispatch system allows us to keep community members informed of local events, emergencies, general safety, preparedness communications and similar situations by means of SMS Text, email alerts and two-way radio. 


Alerts are received 24 hours a day including incidents such as crime, fire, traffic, power outages, road closures, weather or any incident that may impact or presents an immediate danger or safety risk to the community or individual watch groups while keeping community members informed, providing a greater situational awareness to community.

A simple text message highlighting the location, time and description of the incident is received by community members.  This is intended to keep active neighborhood watch groups or people who just would like to know what's going on - in real time, without having to follow social media but simply be notified by SMS text or email...directly to your phone or computer.  The IMAS system was created out of necessity to keep the community active in pursuing communications between the public and local government while engaging in active neighborhood watch awareness and safety.