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UCESA maintains several civil radio systems within the state providing various levels of communication for an array of purposes. 

Rhode Island RIPEG Network

RIPEG is a professional, five zone, civil radio system supporting several user groups.  Providing state wide communications to several civil organization within the state.  The RIPEG network is the first of its kind in the country and has proven to be a very cost effective, efficient radio system to providing a reliable and redundant communications system .

Learn more about the RIPEG radio network.

 Civil Incident Advisory Network (CIAN)
The Civil Incident Advisory Network is an interactive traffic, weather, emergency condition and general notification system providing live emergency incident, traffic information and alerts to users.   CIAN users can monitor, inquire and even share traffic and emergency incident information with UCESA dispatchers, other users and commuters. 

Learn more about the Civil Incident Advisory Network.

General Mobile Radio Community (GeMcom)

For those of you that would like a radio communication alternative for your group, family or friends, UCESA's  General Mobile Radio Community or GeMcom repeaters may just be what you're looking for. 

Learn more about the UCESA GeMcom system.

Both the RIPEG and CIAN radio systems use a new civil radio service called "PEG" or Preparatory Emergency Groups. Developed out of necessity by our chief director, this new national radio service is the first professional level radio system designed specifically for the civil community.  These communities include, but not limited to emergency preparedness groups, civil public service organizations, general safety and government sponsored neighborhood crime watch groups, among many other uses.   Please contact UCESA to learn more about our state-wide communication systems